An alternate of Creator set 5892 Sonic Boom...

This classic Ferrari is my 23rd alternate of set 5867...

This 21st alternate from set 5867 was designed as an exclusive for the 2nd Build-it book.

The LEGO® Build-It Book, Vol.2: More Amazing Vehicles is the 2nd Volume of a new series of books stimulating creativity...

Alternate number 22nd of LEGO Creator set 5867: a Hot Rod.

This Street Rod is an alternative model from set 42000.

This Viper called Ariel is exclusively made with pieces from Designer set 4888.

This model called "Hot pursuit" made it into the LEGO Factory set 5526: Skyline.

Another alternate of Creator set 5867: #14 Muscle car.

The 8292 Cherrypicker was the most challenging, but also most rewarding model that I designed.

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