2015 Technic Supercar with steering, gearbox, independent suspension and more...

After many months of development the new beast is finally here!

This is a prototype of a chassis for a new Technic Supercar. Work in progress...

A simple chair with a basic collapsible feature.

Due to a lot of interest for this alternate model, instructions are now available!

This Street Rod is an alternative model from set 42000.

A compact working LEGO Technic Clock with minute and hour hand using Mindstorms NXT.

The 8292 Cherrypicker was the most challenging, but also most rewarding model that I designed.

Official Technic model 8271 wheelloader, together with the unofficial alternative.

My first official model for The LEGO Group was this 8674 Ferrari F1, scale 1:8 for the Racers line.

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